Small Business Do-It-Yourself Accounting Software

NoAccountant is a software project that started as an internal need for a Windows™ accounting package that combined many good features of several applications already on the market while avoiding the cumbersome aspects. NoAccountant has been in use internally since the beginning of the 1996 fisacal year with features and updated made as needed.

There are no plans at this time to market NoAccountant externally. However, it is currently in a functional Beta release and interested small businesses may obtain a free copy by contacting DAXaCK associates.

The philosophies behind the development of NoAccountant are: SIMPLE TO USE, LOGICAL FORMAT, and REDUCED WORK. If you have to type the same information more than once, you are doing too much work!

Some of the features of NoAccount already implemented include:

Email for further information about NoAccountant.

This page last updated on October 08, 2009